General Contracting

We can build the kitchen of your dreams or the wrap-around deck you’ve always wanted. We aim to fulfill our clients’ vision in every project with great detail, craft, and professionalism. No matter the project, we’re prepared to help.

Before Construction

Prior to construction starting, our GC will create and oversee the construction budget. Skilled laborers and subcontractors will be sourced and hired for specific tasks that must be completed. This may include architects, electricians or engineers depending on the scope of the project. Our General Contractors will continue to monitor the project and the budget as progress continues. 

Construction Phase

Our main goal when providing General Contracting is to keep the project on schedule. While issues may arise, our experienced GC will handle schedule delays and any other setbacks. They will also refer to customer specifications to ensure the project is being completed as intended. 

construction worker

Post Construction

Even after the project is complete, our GCs still have work to do. We handle the payments of the subcontractors as well as any communciation with the client.